Age Spots: Which Is The Best Treatment, Natural Or Herbal

September 29, 2010

The treatment of age spots depends on the amount of work you want to put into it, which one is the best, you can be the judge of that.

In the world of holistic and homeopathic medicine there seems to be an intense battle raging that actually puts both sides in radical agreement, a fact which they haven’t figure out yet.

If you read through some of the more recent homeopathic magazines and bogs you will find yards and yards of verbiage extolling the use of things like red clover or nettles or even milk thistle to treat age spots.

On the other side of the bookcase or blog world, if you will, you will find a whole series of authors arguing that so and so is wrong and that red clover is the way to cure an age spot or that milk thistle is the best way to do the same thing and how about nettles, just a soup made of nettles, however bitter it might be will do the trick.

Hold on, for a moment, are we missing something here? Let’s see, one side is arguing about red clover, milk thistle, nettles and the like while the other is arguing that no the first side is wrong it should be red clover, milk thistle and nettles.

So here we have two sides of an argument in radical agreement, yet each one is arguing its point as if the other were proposing swallowing hot flaming embers of balsa trees was the cure (that ‘s for hang-nails, by the way) when they are both in such radical agreement you can’t help but laugh.

So, what is the best was to control age spots, probably a mixture of natural and herbal is best.

On the natural side, you will find that if you can clean the toxins out of your body using antioxidants such as grape guise or even red wine, then you can begin to clean up any damage done by exposure to the sun. Still, though, red clover and rosemary have their place because like other anti-oxidants they will clean the blood and the liver of the nasty toxins which may have built up and which may actually be causing some heavy metal tainting of your skin pigmentation so here’s the prescription for this argument: you are both right in this; neither side has a corner on the market of correctness as it really will take a combination of natural ingredients to clean everything up.

It’s much like a person who has several major health problems. If he or she tried to live on one replacement drug therapy to the detriment of others there’s only one inevitable result so the bottom line here as in which is the best cure: all of the cures that work are the best and one cannot outshine another simply because it may have properties the first cure didn’t.

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