Basal Cell Carcinoma – What should I do?

August 27, 2010

Cell carcinoma is referred to as a type of non melanoma skin cancer. It is one of the most common types of skin cancers in the world today. According to several surveys, 75% of most skin cancers in the United States alone are non melanoma or Basal cell carcinoma. Basal cell carcinoma often starts at the topmost layer of the skin- the Epidermis, and it is often painless and grows so slowly. Basal cell carcinoma is often recognize by the formation of a new skin layer which bleeds slowly and does not heal fast.

Majority of skin infected with Basal Cell Carcinoma are those that are exposed continuously to the ultraviolet radiation from the sun or from any other sources. Basal cell carcinoma is quite common among people who are over the age of 40 , however is also noticeable among people under such age,  you are also likely to develop the infection if you have a light skin, blue or green eye colour, red or blonde hair, and if you are have been exposed to some forms of X-rays especially during the treatment of another infection.

Though, basal cell carcinoma is a skin disorder that rarely spread but when left unattended to, it might grow in some other surrounding tissues. Though basal cell carcinoma can appear in the colour of the normal skin, however , it may also appear as small bumps or growth which are either waxy or pearly in shape, white or light pink in colour, and brown or take the colour of the flesh.  The development of basal cell carcinoma might be slightly raised of flat .

If you have some sores that bleeds easily and do not heal , or if you have crusting or oozing spots on the sores, irregular blood vessels in and around the pores, or sores with depressed areas in the middle or oozing spots on the sores, then you must examine yourself for any kind of basal cell carcinoma.

Some of the quickest means by which you can get rid of basal cell carcinoma include; Excision cutting of the growing tumour, radiation therapies can be used to remove the skin disorder especially if it has spread to nearby tissues . Electrocution-surgery can also be used in destroying the growing tumours as well as the cancerous cells from the affected parts and those growing to nearby regions of the skin.

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