Causes of Lentigines

August 30, 2010

The causes of Lentigines may vary in different aspects. And, there are many factors affecting it. Usually, it can be through genetics and extrinsic factors such as excessive exposure to sun. Actually, the responsible for the brown pigmentation is the melanin. It’s the one that protects the skin from ultraviolet rays and ultra infrared rays from the sun. However, too much exposure to the sun may generate later into dark spots. It does plainly explain like this that, the ultra violet ray quickens the production of melanin resulting into depletion and dispersion of pigments. And, there is a tendency to cluster together and form dark spots on the skin.

Aside from that tanning beds and commercial tanning saloons can be factors causing overnight forming of age spots and lentigines. Also a  poor diet, taking too much rancid fat foods and using perfume with high content of alcohol. However, there are chemicals that can inhibit the function of the cell. One of the best examples for that is the free radical from people who smoke and psoralens. On the other hand, this psoralens treatment or PUVA is use for psoriasis. And, sometimes it is mostly used for tanning session. Though, it is effective but on the other way around there are also side effects of using it because it will make your skin very sensitive to sunlight and prone to skin cancer.  Aside from that, genetics can be also one of the factors that can cause lentigines. It is the hormones such as the estrogen and progesterone. In some cases, the pregnant women may have this and after giving birth, it will diminish. It may also appear on kids.

However, the lentigines are benign and harmless. In fact, the children with lighter skin may have this very visible. Regarding with solar lentigo, mostly the mid 40’s are affected with this condition. Somehow, this solar lentigo may not appear immediately but it will be visible in your medieval age.  The last factor that is causing this pigmentation is the seborrhoeic dermatosesare or barnacle of old age. Actually, sunlight is not the causes of this condition but it can trigger and multiply in some areas of your body. One thing also, this kind of condition is genetically transfer or pass on to offspring. All of these causes are affecting the skin and treating this at early stage may prevent from spreading and further spots / lentigines on your body.

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