Chloasma- How do I stop it from getting worse?

August 18, 2010

Chloasma is a patchy brown or dark brown skin discolouration which often appear on the face  and it is a form of melasma skin disorder which primarily occur as result of the use of oral contraceptives during pregnancy. The patches formed by chloasma may fade away after several months especially when a child has been delivered while with some women do not witness a complete removal or fading away of the chloasma patches.

Chloasma is a skin disorder that is common among women between ages 20-40,  Just like several other forms of melasma , chloasma is a skin disorder that is common in tropical climates.  Estrogen which is male sex hormone , has also been linked with the development of chloasma infection in males, though the skin disorder remains uncommon among men.

Aside from the fact that melanin, sun exposure , genetic disorder and the use of oral contraceptives can cause chloasma , the use of some medications such as Dilantin. Some other conditions that can also result in the development of Chloasma are; Ovarian disorders , menopause , and in men , those who use after-shave lotion constantly can develop chloasma.

People who are exposed to sunlight especially after using a deodorant soap, some kinds of cosmetics as well as scented toiletries may also develop the infection . Deficiency of folic acid mostly in pregnant women can also lead to the development of chloasma in pregnant women.

There are several ways through which you can stop chloasma from developing on your skin, even if you have been infected , there are several ways through which you can stop it from getting worse, first and foremost, oral hygiene is very important, you need to ensure that antiseptic and deodorant soaps used during bath are clearly rinsed away from your body . Chloasma can spread easily on those who wear make up constantly and those who do not rinse their exposed body parts very well especially after taking their baths.

Oral contraceptives must not be used excessively during pregnancy , your doctor should give you the right recommended dosages and if chloasma sets in such contraceptives must be stopped to prevent further spread of the skin disorders.  You must not stay long in the sun without using sunscreen as well as some other protective materials . It will be ideal to stay away from sun especially between 11 am in the morning and 3 pm in the evening.

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