Chloasma Treatment

February 15, 2012

Chloasma is a skin condition that had been linked with the feminine gender over time. But recent researches had shown that it can also affect men. There is also no race that the skin condition can’t affect. Researches had also been conducted to show that the skin condition commonly affects those who have more skin melanin. If your skin can get tanned easily, then you stand a very good chance of having the skin condition.

If you like and you are not bothered by the discoloration of your skin caused by chloasma, you may decide to leave it untreated. This is because the skin condition does not have any negative heath effect at all. But in case you are already getting bothered about the discoloration it can cause on your skin, you can then look for ways to get it treated. Some people may also decide to cover the spots of chloasma with make up instead of treating it.

Try chemical peel

Chemical peel can be helpful in treating this skin condition. The chemical peel involves the use of a rather acidic substance on the skin.  The chemical peel can just be applied to the area of the skin where the spots are occurring. Before long, the spots will be removed from the skin and you will also end up with a rather firmer skin than before. This method can be performed at home and you are sure of getting quick result.


IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light therapy. This therapy is one of the most dependable methods for treating the skin condition. This method is carried out in a hospital under the direction of a dermatologist. This therapy does not require the use of laser. It is also not painful at all.  It is not as expensive as the laser therapy and this is making it to be more popular all over the place for treating chloasma.

Topical creams

Topical creams too had been discovered to be helpful in treating the skin condition. The topical creams contain lightening agents that can help you to lighten the skin and the chloasma spots on them. This will help you to get rid of the skin condition and you will be able to regain your normal skin color back.


While you are applying any of the home treatment methods on chloasma, it will be in your best interest to carry your doctor along. This will help prevent any possible complication.


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