Comparing Pyoderma Faciale With Melasma Skin Infections

November 9, 2011

Comparing Pyoderma Faciale With Melasma Skin Infections

Pyoderma faciale can e described as a rare form of skin infection which is accompanied by inflamed nodules and cysts and which can result in an highly inflamed skin. Just like melasma infections in some women , pyoderma faciale can occur as a result of hormonal imbalances. Pyoderma faciale just like melasma occur in women of between ages 20-40 mostly, andĀ  it is also characterized some forms of discolourations just like melasma. Prescription medications are often recommended in the treatment of pyoderma faciale. Prescription medications for pyoderma faciale may last for more than 6 months.


Pyoderma faciale infection develops similarly to acne and it is very essential to understand what the infection is, the likely risk factors that may predispose you to the infection and the several treatment options available in order for you to reduce the effect of the stress involved in its diagnosis. The outbreak of pyoderma facial often involves the development of larger nodules and cysts which are accompanied y an highly inflamed skin. Most individuals who suffer from this infection may have clear and unaffected skin prior to the outbreak. The lesions are often dispersed across the face in most cases, and touching the pus can result in severe pains to the sufferer.


Many people often confuse pyoderma faciale with acne infection breakouts, however it should be noted here that pyoderma does not affect only individuals with oily skins, as a matter of fact there are no clogged skin pores involved in the development of pyoderma faciale. The outbreak normally comes on the skin without a prior warning and before the formation of the nodules there are black heads and white heads. While melasma and acne can occur at any part of the body, pyoderma faciale often occur only on the face.


Treatments often recommended for the treatment of pyoderma faciale by dermatologists often respond to the treatment slowly. Isotretinoin is often prescribed for the treatment of pyoderma faciale . This is a kind of synthetically designed retinoid. This treatment will help fight the hormonal imbalances that may trigger the outbreaks but cannot be used to deal with the oily skin. Topical steroids can be combined with isotretinoin to form a systemic treatment that can fight inflammation or any other infection present. Systemic treatment is used to reduce the treatment period for several months. The long term use of systemic treatments pose some side effects hence you must see a dermatologist.




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