Dealing With Melasma

August 17, 2011

Melasma is a skin disorder that may come in form of several colours, most predominantly brown patches, tan, or grayish skin discolourations. Sun rays are mostly responsible for the development of melanoma, however other factors such as hormonal changes, and birth control pills usage can also trigger the skin infection. Melasma is more common among women who are in their reproductive years. One of the ways through which it is very difficult to deal with melasma is that it usually occur on the face making it extremely difficult to conceal or treatable.


Melasma may fade away on its own , however to make it happen fast, it will be ideal to use some formulated melasma skin lightening cream to clear away the melasma growth on the skin. Some of the other likely ways of allowing melasma to clear up itself from the skin especially in women is for them to discontinue birth control pills and protect their skin from excessive sun rays through the use of sunscreens.


Over-the-counter melasma treatment creams are ideal for lightening melasma on the skin, Most of these creams contain essential lightening agents such as Azelaic acid, Kojic acid, Tazarotene retinoic acids and much more. There are some possible side effects such as skin irritation and redness when these creams are excessively used on sensitive skins. Chemical peels may be used in place of over-the-counter medications but must be used to treat melasma by a trained professional. The chemical peel placed on the skin will trigger skin blisters once the operation is started, after blistering, the outermost layer peels off leaving a new and rejuvenated skin surface.


Microdermabrassion  is another melasma skin treatment which looks similar to chemical peels. Though it is performed by a trained professional, however there are some simple microdermabrassion kits which has been developed to help individuals suffering melasma apply microdermabrassion in their homes. Microdermabrassion involves the use of abrasive agents to remove the outer damaged layer of the skin. Microdermabrassion is a non invasive melasma treatment which requires no downtime and it comes with a very minimal likely side effect. Multiple treatments may be needed for microdermabrassion to effectively remove melasma completely.


Cryotherapy is another melasma treatment which involves the freezing of melasma growth with freezing liquid Nitrogen . After freezing, the damaged skin tissues peel off , revealing new , and unaffected skin layer. This treatment may come with some slight inflammation as side effects .


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