Dermal Melasma Treatment

February 1, 2012

Melasma is a common skin disorder among the feminine human beings as compared to their male counterparts. The explanation to this variation between the two genders is due to the hormones that women have. However it known hat the biological composition between the two is different and this could be the explanation for the same.


The Dermal Melasma disorder is characterized by skin hyper pigmentation or skin discoloration. Pregnant women are known to be at the higher risk due to their hormonal imbalance. Women who use contraceptives as well as those who use hormonal replacement therapy are also likely to develop Melasma.


Dermal Melasma is a type of skin disorder that is known to affect the inner part of the skin which is referred in scientific terms as the dermal layer. Dark hyper pigmentation well demarcated that appears on the upper part of cheeks, forehead, or upper lip are the common signs of Dermal Melasma.


Melasma is known to develop when there is exposure of the skin to the sun. Exposure to sunlight result to excessive production of melanin which therefore results in hyper pigmentation. Production of excessive melanin normally occurs when there is hormonal imbalance in the human body. Thyroid patients are known to develop Melasma if there is excessive production of melanocyte stimulating hormone which as a result leads to the production excessive melanin hence Melasma.


Treatment of dermal Melasma is a bit different from the treatment of other skin disorders. This is because dermal Melasma affects the inner part of the skin called the dermal layer. Unlike the epidermal Melasma which affects the outer layer of the skin and which can be treated by chemical peel among others, dermal Melasma needs laser treatment. This means that the services of a specialist are needed.


Under the laser treatment process, Melasma is determined if it is either dermal or epidermal by carrying out a Wood’s lamp test. In cases where Melasma is dermal, studies have shown that Fraxel laser gives better outcomes among the majority. The other method which has proved to be effective is the application of pulse light that is intensified. Dermal Melasma is known not to respond to the majority of the treatments. The use of products that contain the ingredients of mandelic acid e.g. Triluma cream makes the Dermal Melasma to be lighter. The other medications which give the same results include Triwings LED system and Fraxel laser



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