Herbal Treatments For Melasma

July 20, 2011

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Melasma is a benign skin condition where the skin decolorizes and changes to either tan or black. This skin disorder mostly affects women, nevertheless, it also affects males. Women who are pregnant or take oral contraceptives tend to get melasma easily. Melasma is also said to be caused by over exposure to the sun and also can be inherited. Melasma mostly disappears on its own. It poses no health risk and therefore causes no cause for alarm. Treatment for melasma is unnecessary as it is not dangerous but you can still seek treatment for cosmetic reasons. There are herbal treatments for melasma. Should you be unsure about any herbal approach to melasma, please consult a dermatologist.


Yogurt is good remedy for melasma. Lactic acid contained in it works so well for the skin. It replenishes the skin and cleanses it. The acidity in it burns the hardness of the patches and in turn, softens them. The moisture content in yogurt softens the rough patches.


Vinegar is a good herbal and natural treatment for melasma. All you need to do is dilute it with water and use as a cleansing agent. Vinegar is not supposed to be used on the skin in its concentrated form. It will damage it.


lemon face maskRub lemon on the affected area before you shower. Lemon juice is acidic and acids burn. Lemon juice will burn the patches caused by melasma. The patches will peel off after the treatment and after some time new and better skin will grow in the same place.


Onions are an example of herbal treatment for melasma. Onions are blended and the juice mixed apple cider vinegar. The mixture is then applied on the affected areas and left to rest for about 30 minutes. You can then rinse off and let the air take in the moisture into the skin. Use this when your skin is clean for best results.


Mix lemon and cucumber juice and use it as a mask. You should apply this mask before you go to bed then rinse it off in the morning. Do this for a week and you will notice a clear difference on your skin.


Finally, herbal treatments for melasma are indeed numerous. All you have to do is have some little patience as it takes time to have your right pigmentation back. You can hide the patches during the day with makeup until you have melasma cleared.


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