How To Prepare For A Melasma Consultation

December 16, 2010

Melasma is not only exclusive to pregnant women only, it affects even men and women who are not pregnant. Women who take Hormone replacement therapies as well as birth control pills will likely also develop melasma as well as dark pigmentation on their skin. Though the real cause of the problem is still unknown,  family history however can be linked with such skin disorders.

Knowing very well your condition is one of the best possible ways of preparing for a Melasma appointment. The skin problems often occur on the cheeks, forehead as well as some other parts of the face. If the melasma occur somewhere else you must undergo proper diagnosis. Understanding the root cause of the problem will help you identify the proper way of dealing with the situation. Possible ways melasma can be triggered include; hormone therapy, birth control pills, sunlight exposure, pregnancy and family history.

When preparing for a Melasma diagnosis and treatment appointment,  you need to think about the good questions you must ask the medical personnel that will help your situation .These include;  What could triggered my melasma infection?  Could I be possibly pregnant and should I stop my birth control pills immediately? Will I need to treat my melasma  or will it go on its own naturally?  And what are the likely treatment options available for  me?

A skin care expert is the best information  resource for your skin infection, hence you must try and think about as many questions as possible. Don’t  be disappointed if the  skin treatment expert cannot answer all your questions about melasma he  may have to take up some researches and give you an answer on your next appointment date or probably call you before that time.

Aside the fact that you may have so many questions for  a skin treatment expert , you must also be prepared to  answer some questions  as well,  after critically examining your skin, he or she will likely ask you some questions about your family history as regards melasma, he will ask you how much time you spend on the sun and then the nature of your pregnancy {whether you take birth control pills or hormone therapy}.

You don’t  have to be embarrassed by some of the questions the skin care doctor will ask you and if you hide some information from him or her then you may likely get a wrong diagnosis and treatment for your melasma.

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