How To Prevent Age Spots From Getting Worse

October 9, 2010

Age spots arise from exposure to the sun. Too much exposure to the sun causes pigment to collect on skin. Uneven skin tone and spots occur because of this. Older people are inclined to have age spots. Body parts that get too much sun exposure acquire more age spots.

Now, if you are one of those people who already have developed these age spots and you are at the age of 40 and above, following the tips mentioned below can help lessen the color and affected areas of your dark spots.

•    Consult a dermatologist.   Dark spots on skin are not always age spots, they can be cancerous.

•    Too much exposure to the sun must be avoided.  Ultraviolet rays from the sun are at its highest levels during 10 in the morning up to 4 in the afternoon. Other ways include use of umbrellas and putting sunscreen on skin.

•    Drink more water. Add more fruits and vegetables to your food intake.

•    If you can afford laser treatments, then this may help eliminate all current age spots. You have to be very careful in sustaining this because age spots can still come back on affected areas.

There are also many procedures available to get rid of age spots. Age spots aggravation can be avoided through these procedures. Some of these procedures are:

•    Laser therapy. This procedure does not destroy the surface of the skin. It only destroys the age spot. Laser treatment is less excruciating than other treatments. But this treatment costs a lot of money.

•    Cryotherapy. Cryotherapy utilizes extreme cold in removing age spots. However this also kills neighboring cells.

•    Dermabrasion. There are two sort of dermabrasion, microdermabrasion or the classic dermabrasion. This involves the exfoliating of the outer layer or skin surface. However, this results to raw skin, sore and painful.

•    Chemical Peels. This involves the use of acids to peel off skin. Skin could grow back after a few weeks. Glycolic acid is the most popular acid for chemical exfoliation.

glycolic chemical peel kit

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