How To Prevent Age Spots From Getting Worse

September 26, 2010

Age spots can be hard to avoid since we tend to go outside and walk under the sun. Too much exposure to the sun causes pigment to collect on skin. Uneven skin tone and spots happen because of this. Since the performance of older people’s body decline as they age, they are more susceptible from this. Body parts that get too much sun exposure acquire more age spots.

There are many techniques to lessen age spots for people 40 and above.

•    See a dermatologist.   You have to be sure that these are really age spots, and not something as worse as melanoma or skin cancer.

•    Do not stay long under the heat.   Ultraviolet rays from the sun are at its highest levels during 10 in the morning up to 4 in the afternoon. Use an umbrella, sunscreen or sunblock if possible.

•    Increase liquid intake. Put more fruits and vegetables in your diet, specially the juicy and succulent ones.

•    If you can afford laser treatments, then this may help eliminate all current age spots. To maintain this, extreme caution is needed because age spots could return.

Age spot removal comes in many forms. These can diminish age spots. Some of these procedures are:

•    Laser therapy. This procedure does not destroy the surface of the skin. It only destroys the age spot. This kind of medication is almost painless. The downside is this procedure is very costly.

•    Cryotherapy. Cryotherapy utilizes extreme cold in removing age spots. The downside of this therapy is that it can also destroy nearby skin cells not affected by age spots.

•    Dermabrasion. You can choose from microdermabrasion or the traditional dermabrasion. Dermabrasion uses sanding or peeling|stripping|shedding] off the outermost layer of the skin. However, this results to raw skin, sore and painful.

•    Chemical Peels. Acids are used to peel the skin. Once the skin is peeled off, new skin develops. Glycolic acid is the most popular acid for chemical exfoliation.

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