How To Remove Melasma Naturally

December 21, 2011

Melasma is skin disorder commonly found in those people who love to sit in front of sunlight without proper protection just to feel warmness. Due to unawareness, many of them suffer from Melasma. Another cause this disorder is hormonal imbalance of the body. People suffering from this disorder have brown discoloration of skin in the areas like cheeks, upper lips, chins and forehead. These are the areas which are exposed to the sunlight most of the time. The disorder is most common in the women during their reproductive years. Although Melasma can affect anybody, however statistics shows that women in most numbers are its victims. People belonging to the races like Asian, Hispanic and Mediterranean are mostly affected by the disorder, due to their darker skin pigmentation and severe exposure to the sunlight.

In women, Melasma generally transpires during pregnancy when their hormonal level is on rise. Ovarian cancer is also a general cause of Melasma. Women using the hormonal contraceptives suffer from this skin disorder. The patients with Melasma disorder may also suffer from thyroid disease.

Although Melasma is only a discoloration of skin and do not create any serious illness or disease, but still it is very irritating for the one who is aware of bad effects this disorder on his personality. Everybody wishes to have unblemished skin. So, the big question is by which method the disorder should be treated,

Treatment of Melasma is a complicated problem as the pigmentation marks due to Melasma are immovable, but still there are some home remedies that are pretty effective to remove Melasma naturally. Natural treatment takes time, but the result of this treatment is permanent and without any side effects. Below are some natural products for removing Melasma and other kinds of facial pigmentation like freckles and age spots:

  • Aloe Vera Juice is available in medical stores. ¬†Apply it on your face for 10-15 minutes and then wash with cold water.
  • Grapefruit Seed extract is a natural ingredient but also available in capsules and pills. The extract has great antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial characteristics and very effective in treatment of Melasma.
  • Paste of turmeric is very popular as a pigmentation remover. Apply a paste of fresh cream and turmeric powder on face, wash it with cold water. Repeat the process for fortnight on daily basis.
  • A mixture of apple cider vinegar and water is also a good solution to apply on face twice a day.
  • Horseradish is another great product for removing the discoloration mark due to Melasma. It is an effective treatment. Apply once in a week and carry on until the skin become blemish free and vibrant.



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