Kitchen Remedies For Melasma

June 29, 2011

Melasma is a skin disorder where the skin changes color. It normally discolors to black or tan. This skin disorder usually shows on the skin in form of patches. Melasma mainly affects women. Women who use oral birth control methods are more susceptible to melasma than other women. The same applies to pregnant women. It is not cancerous hence not dangerous but treatment is mainly sought due to cosmetic reasons.


Most people like adding vinegar to food. Did you know that vinegar is as good on melasma as it is on food? Yes indeed it is. All you need to do is dilute it with water at a 1:1 ratio. Do not use concentrated vinegar. Rinse the affected areas with this diluted vinegar and do not pat dry. Let the air lock in the moisture in your skin to soften the patches.


Onions can also be used on melasma. Take some onions and blend them. After blending, you will get onion juice which you are to mix it with some apple cider vinegar. You should use this daily on your skin for best results. They mainly work by peeling off the top layer of the skin.


Another remedy used to treat melasma is lemon juice. The acidic nature of lemon works to your advantage. It burns the top layer of the skin leading to its peeling off. When the skin peels off, new and better skin grows back.


Yogurt is great for strong and healthy teeth. Lactic acid present is not only for that purpose. It has replenishing abilities and cleanses too. As you enjoy your yogurt, spare some and use it on the skin affected with melasma before taking a shower. Rest with it for about 30 minutes then you can shower.


Your kitchen has a lot of potential pertaining to melasma treatment. Do use what you can use from your kitchen to improve your skin as melasma can be embarrassing at times. Use these skin remedies when your skin is fresh mostly after taking a good shower as the pores are not clogged by dirt and sweat at the moment.


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