Mark of pregnancy- How do I protect my skin?

August 17, 2010

It is often very hard to prevent your skin from marks of pregnancy, however there are several ways through which you can minimize considerably the formation of such marks on your skin.

One of the most important things you should note in protecting your skin from masks of pregnancy is that you have to nourish both your skin and the baby from inside out. Eat nourishing foods which include ; Protein, Calcium, Whole Grains, and Vitamin rich vegetables and fruits are necessary to nourish both your skin and the baby inside of you. Hydrating your body always while pregnant is also important. Water hydrates the skin better than any other fluid, taking around 8 glasses of water a day is one way to continue hydrating your skin and reducing the formation of marks of pregnancy on you.

Moisturizing some essential parts of your body while pregnant  is very essential. Make sure you moisturize your breast, lower back, belly, sides, and some other parts of your body where stretch marks can appear while your pregnancy is growing. Moisturizing these parts in the morning and night is ideal but it is important to note that ordinary moisturizing creams and lotions cannot keep pregnancy marks away from your skin. Almond oil, shea butter and cocoa butter are moisturizers that can penetrate deep into the skin and make it moisturized.

Wheat germ oil and some other plant extracts which contain some very powerful botanical extracts and glycolic acid can help moisturize the skin and prevent itching or any other form of discomfort while helping to protect the skin from marks of pregnancy.

You must not take into just any moisturizer to get your pregnancy mask off your skin, you must contact your dermatologist or doctor to be sure of the right kind of moisturizer for your needs.

Weight gain is often responsible for marks of pregnancy. As the baby develop, the skin of the parent also stretches and then when the skin stretches beyond its original or maximum limit, then stretch marks will start to form . It is very difficult for a pregnant woman to monitor her weight while pregnant , hence you will need to try some other means of controlling your weight in regions where stretch marks appear during pregnancy. You need to control your diet for instance and let your doctor advice you on controlling weight during pregnancy.

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