Mask Of Pregnancy (Melasma) On Various parts of the Body

August 28, 2010

One of the most prominent danger signs of mask of pregnancy (melasma) is the rapid weight gain which often leads to the expansion of the skin tissues and that often leads to the appearance of lighter fine lines across the expansion area. Though pregnancy stretch masks may pose no danger at its onset because it is a skin problem that will naturally disappear afew weeks after the baby has been born.  Pregnancy masks often extend along the areas of the body that are rapidly expanding while the baby is growing and such places are those that require some forms of cover up.

Some little percentage of pregnant women have reported some forms of itching while dealing with stretch marks and this can result in some more complex problems on the skin. Melasma which has resulted in itching or any other kind irritation can lead to some form of skin blotching but it will rarely lead to skin cancer because it is a temporary problem and not malignant in nature.

Some pregnancy marks may result in some form of discolouration on the skin. You may need to apply some form of  make up or cover up before and after you have given birth and that is because you belly will generally shrink and the stretch marks may not disappear immediately, hence one of the dangers of pregnancy marks is that they may stay on your skin for a long time even after you have deliver your baby.

Laser plastic surgery is one of the fastest and effective ways of removing melasma. It is safe and does not harm both the baby and the mother during treatment, however, this form of treatment is quite expensive and it is a temporary way of removing the pregnancy masks alongside the possible dangers of such masks on the growing baby and the mother.

Some pregnancy marks are often characterized by some lines of discolourations. Such marks could be grey , green or even black in colour. Such discolourations often become very difficult to cover up as most make-ups can only cover up pregnancy marks that appear in the colour of your skin, hence you may need some surgery to remove such complications.

Pregnancy masks do not necessarily pose any serious danger aside the fact that the discolouration as well as the size of the masks may be disfiguring.

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