Melasma Cream

December 7, 2011

Melasma cream is one method of treating melasma. It contains hydroquinone, which is an efficient bleaching agent. Hydroquinone is currently the most effective de-pigmentation agent, and it is a valuable solution to increase photosensitivity. This drug can be an effective treatment of melasma rather than a drug. The other elements that are part of melasma cream include arbutin and kojic acid. These substances are used instead of hydroquinone as they are tolerated better than hydroquinone and are the best ingredients for the treatment of melasma. Arbutin is extracted from the plant bearberry while ascorbic acid and all of its derivatives are present in citric fruits. Ascorbic acid is actually Vitamin C and citric fruits are a base of Vitamin C. When bacteria affect the solution of carbohydrates, kojic acid comes from the resultant solution.

All of these substances are soluble in water; therefore their lesser quality is not as beneficial and higher concentrations of these materials are required in order to get quick and efficient results. Melasma cream cannot reach deep into the cells of pregnancy spots unless higher concentrations of hydroquinone, ascorbic, or kojic acid are used. Similarly, arbutin requires more time than hydroquinone to produce effective results.

Another ingredient that may also be used in melasma cream is rumex occidetalis. This ingredient is obtained from plant extracts and is used to lighten the skin. It has been tested for a long period of time and it has been discovered that it is most effective solution for better skin. Although to reduce the side effects caused by rumex, a melanin synthesis inhibitor is used and is helpful in the reduction of bad effects to the skin. The creams that can be used as melasma cream include Dermology, Revitol skin lightener, and many others. These creams include effective agents similar to melasma cream as well as other moisturizing agents to keep the skin tight.

There are certain melasma creams that have mercury as an ingredient in them. One should note that melasma cream should not have any ingredient like mercury because it is dangerous for skin and can corrode the skin badly. However, natural ingredients like alpha arbutin, gigawhite, and kojic acid can cause less harm to the skin than mercury. If there is moisturizer in the cream, it will be effective and sometimes preferred. Melasma is harmless, but it is unattractive. It can be reduced safely using melasma cream. These pregnancy spots make the skin unattractive and most women want to remove them using melasma creams and other similar solutions that are not only cheap, but also without side effects.



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