Melasma Herbal Treatment

April 26, 2012

Melasma is a skin disease where by the skin changes color to either tan or black. This skin disorder mostly affects women but also in rare cases affect men. Pregnant women or women who take regular contraceptives tend to get the disease often.

Melasma is also caused by over exposure to the sun. It can also be hereditary in nature. Most of the time it will disappear naturally and there is no need for any kind of treatment. It poses no health risk and therefore there is no cause for alarm. Though treatment for Melasma is unnecessary, you may want to use herbal medicine to cure it mostly for cosmetic reasons.

One way of treating is through use of yogurt. Yogurt contains lactic acid which works pretty well in treating the skin disorder. The acidity in yogurt burns the hard part of the skin and softens it. The moisture content in yogurt softens the bumpy patches.

Vinegar is also a good source for treatment of Melasma. It’s herbal and natural. Use it as a cleaning agent after diluting with water. Do not use it without diluting because the strong acidity in it may cause further skin damage.

Melasma may also be treated using onions. Blend the onions together with juice extract from apple cider vinegar, apply the mixture on the affected skin and leave it for approximately 30 minutes until it moisturizes the area. Rinse it off with clean water and see the results. You may also want to use this procedure when your skin is clean for best results.

One other herbal medicine for treatment of Melasma is through use of lemon. Rub lemon juice on the affected area. The acidity in the lemon juice will burn the spots caused by Melasma. After a while the patches will peel off and allow for new and better skin to grow on the same place.

Finally you can also use lemon mixed with cucumber and apply it as a mask. You can apply this every night before you go to bed and then rinse it off the following morning. Apply the concoction on a routine basis for a week and you will see a clear difference in your skin.

Herbal treatment for Melasma are many, all you have to do is have patience as it may take a while for your natural skin to be back. Always be sure to consult a dermatologist should the symptoms persist or you are unsure of the correct herbal medicine to use.


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