Melasma On The Face

July 27, 2011

Melasma is a skin condition that is brought about by the skin discolouring. The skin changes colour to black and tan. The skin usually develops dark and irregular patches due to this skin condition. It is prevalent in pregnant women and women who are taking oral contraceptives. It is a harmless skin disorder and treatment for melasma is only for cosmetic reasons. Melasma affects several parts like the cheeks, neck, nose and lips.

Melasma on the face is characterized by dark and irregular patches on certain areas of the face. It will show in the upper lip, the chins, the forehead and the nose. The patches are unappealing and though they are harmless, treatment is sought to improve how the skin looks like.

Melasma on the face can be caused by genetics. It is said to be hereditary and therefore having a family history of melasma puts you at risk of the condition. There are things that you do which might put you at a higher risk of getting melasma.

Taking phototoxic drugs puts you at risk of getting this skin condition. Some cosmetics and anti-malarial drugs also put you at risk of getting this skin condition. These work by making the skin more susceptible to light damage.

Melasma is usually diagnosed by a dermatologist visually. An apparatus known as wood’s lamp is used to check for excess melanin in the epidermis which is the outer most layer of the skin.

There are numerous treatment options for melasma. Onions grated at home and mixed with apple cider vinegar work wonders. You can also use diluted vinegar to treat melasma. Take vinegar and mix it with water in a 1:1 ratio and use it to rinse your face. This will cleanse your face. Yogurt is a very good remedy for melasma. It has cleansing and moisturizing aspects. Apply some yogurt on your face 30 minutes before you take a shower then rinse it off with water. The patches will soften and get nicely moisturized. Laser treatments are also used on melasma.

Finally, melasma on the face is very harmless. The only harm it can bring is the feeling of less self-esteem in the concerned person. You will be very comfortable and happy when your face is in good shape and that is why people who have melasma have lower self esteems. Treatment for this skin condition becomes necessary at this stage.


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