Melasma Skin Disorder And Women

September 28, 2011

Melasma is also referred to as mask of pregnancy and it results from excess pigmentation which is determined by female sexual hormones. Melasma is a condition that is only rampant among women. Melasma result from the excess production of female sexual hormones- progesterone and estrogen , it also occur in the stimulation of melanocyte production. One of the main factors which is responsible for triggering melasma problem in men is the sunlight rays. Melasma is also common among women with lighter complexion.


There are several other factors that may trigger melasma skin disorder in women, these include; Hormone therapy, Birth control pill administration, pregnancy, Stress, Thyroid problems, and Genetic factors.  The most prominent symptoms of melasma in women is the appearance of dark coloured patches especially in the forehead, nose, upper lip and the upper cheeks. These symptoms can worsen as the skin is being exposed to excessive sunlight.


Just like several other skin infections, Melasma can also be treated in a number of ways. Though melasma may fade away gradually after pregnancy or after birth control or hormone pills have been discontinued. Aside the discontinuation of these pills, Melasma can also be treated in a number of ways . Melasma can be faded away with the use of creams and lotions which contain a safe quantity of Hydroquinone . Glycolic acid and Azelaic acid can also be used in fading away melasma skin disorder.


Chemical peels can also be used in the treatment of melasma. Chemical peels are effective in the sense that they drastically fade away and improve the complexion of the skin. Laser treatments such as laser resurfacing can also be very effective in the treatment of melasma , such laser treatments come with very minimal side effects and they improve and rejuvenate the skin conditions.


It is very important to note that surgical treatments , chemical treatments as well as laser surgery are not administered on a patient especially during pregnancy, these treatments may affect the growing baby in a number of ways, hence it will not be ideal to subject the mother and child to dangers, such treatments may however be administered after birth and when melasma is still present.


Melasma fading creams and lotions are quite safe to apply during pregnancy, they gradually fade away the melasma appearances without any harm being done on the child. They my take time to be effective but they are very effective.


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