Melasma Treatment 2011

November 16, 2011

Melasma or pregnancy mask is the condition in which certain spots appear on the skin. In time after they appear, these spots turn a dark brown color. Melasma is a condition only of the skin and remains on the upper part of the skin, but if it is not handled properly, it may turn into serious cancerous diseases. Although it has no relation with cancer, people take care to avoid it and apply different methods of treatment to remove them. Melasma affects most adult women who have dark brown skin. Usually, the women from Asian countries face this problem at the time of pregnancy. There are certain measures that should be taken to assist in preventing the development of melasma in the skin.

If these steps are not taken properly, it enhances the possibility of getting melasma after some years. It is better to take prevention steps before it is too late. Taking into account certain factors that are the basis of melasma can reduce the risk. The main causes of melasma include excessive exposure to ultraviolet (UV) sunrays, high concentration of the hormones estrogen and progesterone in the blood, hereditary genes, and the excessive production of melanocyes. It is proven that the people who are often in direct sunlight have greater chances of skin diseases because UV rays are present in the light coming from the sun. These rays may affect the skin and erode it badly.

These four conditions may not affect children at young age, but it does have a bad effect on the health and skin, as they grow older. All of the above causes join together to affect the skin of the child and cause melasma disorder. There is a correlation between progesterone hormones and melasma in women. In women in menopause or those taking birth control pills, hormone increases inside the body can result in the occurrence of melasma. There are some medical treatments and home remedies available to avoid the production of skin disorders like melasma.

In the earlier age of childhood, children expose themselves to the sunrays that cause their skin to damage. The more they expose themselves to ultraviolet sunrays, the greater the tendency of melasma to occur in their life. Sunscreen is the best way of reducing the risk of melasma and it helps in managing the skin disorders effectively.


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