Melasma Treatment Options

October 20, 2011

Melasma is a skin coloration problem which is mostly common to women who are pregnant.  The skin problem can also be noticed in men, but it is more prevalent among women than men.  Melasma is attributed to the excessive production of melanin pigment.  This can occur when contractive pill and devices are used, when the skin is exposed to ultraviolet radiation and excessive sunlight. It can also be hereditary.  Melanin can be treated by the use of hydroquinone, tretinoin, azelaic acid, chemical peels and by avoiding direct sunlight without adequate protection.

Creams containing hydroquinone chemical compounds can be used on the affected area.  The chemical can stop the production of tyrosinase which can lead to reduction in the manufacturing of melanin pigment.  Hydroquinone can also be applied in form of alcohol solution to the areas affected with melasma.  The more the quantity of hydroquinone used the more better the result generated.  Although, using a higher percentage of hydroquinone that is more than 2-4% can generate adverse side effects that may be dangerous to health. Some of the side effects include loss or reduction of skin pigmentation and total darkening of the affected area.

Tretinoin can also effectively remove melasma from the skin surface. For effective and fast result, it can be merged together with hydroquinone. Tretinoin reduces excess pigmentation produced by the skin cells. Results can be noticed on the skin surface after using tretinoin for a period of six months or more. Side effects noticed with Tretinoin are itchiness of the affected area and radiosensitivity. The effects are more pronounced if higher concentration of tretinoin is used.

Another method of treating melasma is by using chemical peels.  It is a common method popularly known for treating melasma. Discoveries have been made through appropriate research that using chemical peels like glycolic acid peels for treating melasma is reliable and efficient. However, to obtain better and faster results, chemical peels can be combined with bleaching creams.

Using the methods of treating melasma enumerated above will not produce effective result if the skin surface is still exposed to sunlight and ultraviolet radiation. Using sunscreens for blocking off sun rays with elements like titanium dioxide is ideal over the use of chemical blockers due to the fact that they offer better protection

Other method of removing melasma includes dermabrasion, laser rejuvenation, azelaic acid application etc. People suffering from melasma should contact their doctors for proper advice on the method of treatment to use in removing melasma.



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