Melasma Treatments For Those With Dark Skin

September 14, 2011

Treating a dark skinned patient with melasma is a daunting task. This is due to the fact melasma is hard to detect in persons with dark complexion due to the lack of contrast between melasma and the dark skin. There are skin lotion products available that are specifically manufactured to treat melasma on persons with dark skin. However, the ineffectiveness of the product or the lack of adherence to the application of the product often worsens the melasma instead of removing it.

Read the Instructions Carefully

When using a skin lotion to treat melasma always read the instructions on how to properly apply the product on your skin. Determine the ideal amount, the number of times it should be applied daily, the duration of the use of the skin lotion and other relevant information such as the things to avoid after applying the skin lotion. Never over use a skin lotion to treat your melasma as it can further damage your skin and worsen melasma.

Consult a Skin Expert

Before using any skin lotion to treat your melasma consult a dermatologist first. Some skin lotions are meant for specific types of skin and you may end up using a lotion that is not ideal for your type of skin. The dermatologist will also determine the sensitivity of your skin and will give you a list of ingredients or chemicals found on skin lotions that you should avoid.

Test if You are Pregnant

Skin lotions for melasma often contain chemicals that can affect the development of the fetus of a pregnant woman. If you suspect that you might be pregnant, consult your doctor before applying the skin lotion to avoid harming the baby inside you. You can also choose to purchase a pregnancy test kit at your local supermarket to check if you are pregnant or not.

Be Patient

Skin lotions for melasma often take four days before you will be able to see any signs melasma dissipation. Do not discontinue using the product after only a week at least advised by your doctor. This will prevent you from shifting to another skin lotion. The more types of skin lotion you apply on your skin the more chances that your skin will be irritated.

Avoid the Sun

Avoid exposing yourself directly in the sun when you are using any skin lotion to treat your melasma. Keeping yourself away from the sun will assist the skin lotion in removing your melasma effectively. If it cannot be helped, apply sunscreen on your skin before going out into the sun or use a large umbrella.



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