Melasma Treatments You Can Try

March 10, 2012

While everyone can basically be affected by melasma, the best candidates of this type of pigmentation of the skin are the pregnant women. The most common characterization of melasma include dark rashes on the forehead, nose, cheeks, lips, and upper arms. The color of the rashes usually range from dark brown to gray. For many years now, it is still a question why there is such skin disorder, but many people believe that the root of this is the increase production of the pigment known as melanin. Nevertheless, there are known triggers such as use of birth control pills, medications and treatments, too much exposure to the sun, hormone imbalance, and heredity.

There are no reported underlying medical condition associated to melasma. When it comes to medications, it is easier to diagnose the condition of pregnant women. In most cases, pregnant women no longer have melasma one year after giving birth. For men and women who are not pregnant, it is important to rule out other factors that may be triggering the occurrence of melasma. In order to properly diagnose individuals, skin biopsies are generally performed. Unlike pregnant women with melasma, other individuals may have this skin condition for years.

Since melasma is not a malignant skin disease, it is not a necessity to treat it. However, it is still possible to treat melasma with the use of modern treatments.

One of the most common treatments for melasma is skin lightening. There are many ways to lighten the skin the modern way. Many patients prefer the use of the agent known as hydroquinone because it is effective in lightening any part of the skin that is discolored. Other medications and topical cosmetics can be purchased over the counter to help in the lightening of the skin. It has to be understood that the case of one patient is different from another. This goes to show that the reaction of the condition of the skin may vary.

Another popular treatment is the use of chemical peels. Those that include acid chemical like lactic acid and glycolic acid are preferred by many over stronger peeling compounds because the latter entails excessive scarring and peeling. Laser skin rejuvenation is also considered by many despite of the cost. Skin experts normally recommend the use of sunscreen. Even though this does not totally cure melasma, it helps in preventing any worse effect.

There may be several ways to treat melasma but it still pays a lot to know more about your condition.


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