Natural Ways to Remove Melasma

May 25, 2010

Melasma is a discoloration that affects the facial skin. This discoloration is also commonly referred to as a pregnancy mask. It is referred to as a pregnancy mask because it is associated with hormonal changes combined with excess exposure to the sun. Hormonal changes in women who are receiving hormonal treatments for menopause, who are taking birth control pills or who are pregnant are considered to cause a discoloration to the facial skin when combined with some exposure.

zinc oxide sunscreenNatural ways to remove melasma include sun protective measures such as the use of sunscreen and hats. Stopping the use of hormonal treatments and birth control pills usually results in a slow fading of the discoloration associated with melasma. There are no other side effects or symptoms associated with melasma. It is simply a skin discoloration that evenly affects both sides of the face. It is most commonly seen on the forehead, nose, and upper lip.

Avoiding sun exposure will give skin a chance to fade and return to its original even tone and color. This condition may also affect men but it is much more common in women. A beautiful and clear complexion is of utmost importance to everyone and the disappearance of these brown spots is a top priority to anyone experiencing melasma. Some natural ways to remove melasma may include natural masks created from foods and substances that you have right at home.

Mask suggestion: wash your face thoroughly and take horizontally sliced carrots and tomatoes and place them directly on the discolored area of the facial skin. Simply lay and rest while these natural substances gently lighten the discoloration. Allow the products to stay on the face for 30 minutes before washing your face with cool milk. The cool milk acts as a delicate whitening solution for the skin.

Another natural way to remove melasma suggestion is to utilize the power of vitamin E oil. This oil can be directly applied to the facial skin. A change in diet may also be beneficial to the beautification of your facial skin. One recommendation is to drink carrot juice daily as this naturally adds pigmentation and color to the skin which may result in a blending of a discoloration as well as a removal of the brown stain on the facial skin. In addition to natural ways to remove melasma there are several cosmetic procedures available such as a chemical peel or laser treatment.

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