Pregnancy Mask

December 14, 2011

Pregnancy mask or melasma is dark brown spots that appear on the skin due to over exposure to sunrays. Melasma is one of the common skin conditions and it is possible to affect anybody, particularly pregnant women or the ladies with skin tones that are brownish. It is associated with estrogen hormones in women. You can see Melasma in women who are pregnant, those taking pills for birth control, and those taking HRT. The main cause of pregnancy mask is the exposure to sunrays. All the rays that are coming from sun are filtered by the ozone layer, but due to over pollution in the atmosphere, filtering capacity has reduced and different ultraviolet alpha and beta rays reach the surface of the earth. These rays cause the skin to corrode and are very dangerous to one’s health. Sunrays are the main cause of melasma.

The only symptom of melasma is spots that appear on the skin. These spots usually appear on cheeks, forehead, nose, back, shoulders and lips. All the spots that appear on the skin are usually symmetrical. Doctors diagnose this disease by looking at the appearance of the skin then taking a closer look to examine them properly. The medical treatment of these spots includes melasma cream in which HQ, arbutin, or kojic acid is added.  Tretinoin acid is another treatment of melasma, but it cannot be used for treatment in pregnant women. Melanocytes are the main cause of melasma and azelaic acid is the treatment for their reduction.

There is another method of treatment in which a laser is used to determine the melasma. Melasma may be epidermal or dermal. If it is dermal, a Fraxel laser is the best treatment. Other choices like intense pulsed light are also effective. All of these methods have positive effects as well as certain drawbacks. It should be noted that all treatments required avoidance of exposure to sunrays. Birth control pills or HRT are one of the causes of melasma. If these pills are stopped, melasma fades. Some dark spots that appear on the skin turn much darker. If that happens, you consult your doctor immediately as it is not a good sign. Always try to avoid sunrays by using sunscreen because melasma can change to cancer and cause wrinkles.



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