Protecting Children From Age Spots

October 6, 2010

As a common misconception, dark spots that occur on skin are called age spots. One’s age doesn’t really influence the chances of a person to have age spots. Such spots occur when the skin produces way too much melanin. Since our skin is exposed to the sun, it is melanin which shields it from the sun’s harmful rays. And as a parent, you would also like to avoid your children from having age spots.

There are also several factors on how you can get age spots. One is heredity. If you have a family history of age spots, then your or your children’s risk of having age spots is great. Age spots are commonly inherent with people with fair skin. Additionally, lifestyles also affect the chances of having age spots.

Age spots on children can be hard to evade because children stay long under the sun when they play. You may want to let your children play indoors or in a shaded area.

Kids are not yet anxious of their skin. sway your kids to use umbrellas.

applying sunscreens is another option. test the sun protection factor of the sunscreen to be used first. High SPF is better.

What your child consumes also affects the pigmentation of the skin. Provide your child with healthy foods and put away junk foods.   Fruits and vegetables are ideal for someone who wants to have healthy skin.

If the age spot problem is already there, then bring your child to a dermatologist. Consulting a dermatologist is important if your child already has age spots. If you want, you may ask the dermatologist to take care of your child’s age spots. {You may ask the dermatologist to recommend a treatment for your child.} Treatments may range from creams, serums and surgery.

To evade all of this fuss, then follow the tips above. Treating this is more difficult than preventing it.

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