Solutions to Remove Melasma

May 7, 2010

Melasma is the discoloration of the facial skin. This discoloration is seen in men and women but it is most common in women. There seems to be a direct correlation between hormonal changes combined with excess sun exposure that causes this discoloration in women. There are several solutions to removing melasma. Some of these solutions are natural and some of them are provided through the medical field.

Melasma is most commonly seen in pregnant women (it is known as a pregnancy mask), women who are currently undergoing a hormonal treatment for menopause and women who are taking birth control pills. One solution to remove melasma is to avoid excess sun exposure and wait until several months after the pregnancy is completed or the hormonal treatments have been concluded to see if the melasma discoloration fades naturally on its own.

Women who are currently taking birth control pills should avoid excess sun exposure and can utilize various creams available through their physician. If these creams do not work there is a steroid cream available that should be able to remove the discoloration. The physician may recommend a chemical peel or a laser treatment to remove the discoloration. Going off of the birth control pills may be another suggestion that is made by the physician.

Applying a mask to the face utilizing natural products such as sliced carrots and tomatoes may blend the color of the skin on the face. This type of mask can be washed off with some milk to naturally whiten the skin. Another natural remedy is to drink carrot juice daily as the extra vitamins will help to boost the levels of the health in the skin and it will also add color and a healthy tone to the skin.

Melasma is a discoloration that affects the skin on the face especially the nose, cheeks, forehead and upper lip. Discoloration can be effectively treated by a physician who can best determine what may have caused the melasma and how to best treat it. Melasma is not life-threatening and has no other side effects associated with it; it can be treated effectively through various creams prescribed by a physician as well as a chemical peel or a laser treatment.

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