The Effectiveness Of Herbs In Healing Age Spots

October 8, 2010

Age spots, more officially known as liver spots, are blemishes on skin that are usually associated with aging. However, aging is not the only element to be blamed for the occurrence of liver spots for staying unprotected too long under the sun also brings forth these skin lesions to appear on younger peoples’ skin. These blemishes, whether they are caused by old age or by the harmful effects of the sun, are considered extremely disgusting especially to the individuals possessing them. This can be totally understandable, after all, not only does it give your skin an irregular glaring area of blemishes, but it can sometimes be simply uncomfortable to have. Currently, there are already several treatments present for the removal of age spots, one of which is the use of herbs – which will be discussed in the following paragraphs.

But first, let me ask you this: how and why exactly are age spots formed? Even without injury or trauma to the skin, it undergoes a constant process of removing dead skin cells and uncovering newer skin cells. Due to aging which results to a reduction in the skin’s ability to still undergo this process, the disintegration of the skin becomes more prevailing than its regeneration. If this happens, should you ever get your skin damaged even for a little, it would take a lot of time for the skin to recover, and thus age spots forms.

How then will we address this problem if the cause is an aadjustment in our body’s physiologic performance? By revitalizing the body’s regular mechanisms, and boosting them to a level where the skin regeneration rate normalizes. As a result, we need to know the herbs that can perform these effects on the body: invigoration and boosting of the body systems particularly by enhancing the flow of blood in the body and by improving the rate by which skin cells are repaired and renewed.

The red clover, an herb that has several traditional uses, is found to help remove the presence of age spots. This is due to the red clover’s diuretic property which enables it to excrete extra fluids or wastes from the body. As a result, red clover is commonly seen as an adjunct treatment for medicines to further intensify the circulation of blood throughout the body and therefore, invigorating its other physiologic functions.

Possessing the same function of being a diuretic plant is the burdock plant which is also found to remove toxins from the body. But even if this herb enhances the blood flow probably even better than the red clover, it is still advised to combine it with other medicines for a synergistic effect.

Unlike the two previously mentioned herbs, the milk thistle has a quite distinct function. The milk thistle, by contrast, focuses on the liver’s state or health by using silymarin. And we are all well aware of the importance of the liver in our body particularly its metabolism of the various substances we take into our body. With the liver’s metabolism and the body’s other physiologic processes being invigorated, chances for the age spots to gradually heal are magnified

Just one important reminder; you can’t expect instant results in your age spots when ingesting these herbs, even for a considerable amount of time. Their effects on the body are indirect, therefore, instead of directly treating the age spots themselves, they treat the underlying causes first. Also, the process takes a very slow climb to make your body get used to such boost.

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