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March 10, 2010

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Melasma is a discoloration that is caused to the facial skin. This discoloration is a cosmetic concern that affects mostly women. It is not a life-threatening or dangerous skin condition. It is simply caused by excess sun exposure and the possible combination of hormonal changes in the body. It is commonly referred to as pregnancy mask. This mask is caused by the hormonal changes during pregnancy combined with exposure to the sun.

Melasma can be avoided by using sunscreen and skin protection such as a hat or protective clothing. Smooth and beautiful skin is a major part of beauty and its uniform brown staining color is very upsetting for women. Women who are utilizing hormonal therapy for menopause, pregnant women, and women on birth control pills are more susceptible to melasma.

There are products available which are used to help diminish the appearance of melasma including various creams. More powerful creams that utilize steroids are also available for melasma treatment. This brown stain affects the cheeks, forehead, upper lip and nose. Several cosmetic treatments are available for reducing the appearance of the brown discoloration including a chemical peel as well as laser treatment. The surgical procedures are effective and permanently remove all discoloration and they restore even skin tone and color to the face.

Because the cause of melasma is usually the result of hormonal changes combined with sun exposure the dark change in skin color usually vanishes within several months after the conclusion of the pregnancy or after the conclusion of the hormonal therapy used for menopause or after stopping the use of birth-control pills. This discoloration may not require a cosmetic procedure or the use of a steroid cream it may simply vanish on its own.

It is recommended that anyone experiencing melasma avoid sun exposure and give the skin a chance to fades naturally on its own. Cosmetic makeup is also available which will help to blend the discoloration and to give the appearance of a smooth skin tone. A physician will best be able to determine which steps should be taken to obtain smooth skin coloration once again. Beautiful skin is directly associated with beauty and women who are affected by melasma can find a solution through the help of a physician.

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