What is Melasma? What are the signs?

August 19, 2010

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Melasma appears in the form of brown patches on the skin surface or sometimes it appears a blue-gray skin discoloration on face. Melasma most commonly found in the majority of women who are at the age of 20-50. The locations where Melasma can appear are mainly upper cheeks, lips, forehead and on the chin part of women. There is also a possibility for appearing Melasma in men. The occurrence of Melasma is mainly related to the intense sun exposure, some internal and external hormonal changes and genetic predisposition. Melasma has most commonly noticed among the women who are pregnant. The people who have much darker skin such as, Asian Hispanic Latin have most commonly an effect with Melasma.

According to rough estimate 6 million U.S women and 45-50 million women from all over the world are living with Melasma. So, 90 % are women cases. The simple and better way for preventing Melasma is complete protection for face skin against sun exposure. The treatments available for Melasma are primarily applications of sunscreens and fading creams.

What causes Melasma?

It is still unknown and doubtful about the exact cause for the Melasma. According to the experts it is believed that different kind of so many factors are included to create these brown color patches on the skin surface such as the pills taken for birth control, the replacement of hormonal therapy, sometime family history of Melasma may also become a cause for it, race, and medication for antiseizure are all can be a cause for Melasma.

The foremost and the leading cause for Melasma is the direct and uncontrolled exposure of sunlight. The growth of Melasma incidences mostly in the summer seasons when the sun produces strong and intense ultraviolet rays.

The appearance of Melasma during the pregnancy period is known as Chloasma or the “pregnancy mask”. Howsoever it is a common thought that the Melasma occurs during pregnancy is mainly caused by increase in the levels of estrogen and progesterone. According to few studies and surveys Melasma also develop in those women who get the replacement therapy of progesterone hormone.

Additionally the treatment and the products that make your skin irritated may result in increase in the production of melanin this will help to accelerate the sighs of Melasma.

Melasma can also be developed because of having some family history and genetic predisposition.  The best methods for preventing Melasma primarily include the sun avoidance and to apply the sun blocks in excessive amount for avoiding the stimulating production of pigment.

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