Why Natural Remedies to Remove Melasma are not Recommended

July 22, 2010

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Over the years that we are being exposed to the sun, it is very likely for human beings to have areas of pigmentation on their skin commonly called Melasma or Chloasma. This skin condition is more common in women due to a hormonal imbalance caused by pregnancy or the contraceptive pill, hence its alternative name – Mask of Pregnancy. However it can also appear in men. In order to remove these dark patches of pigmentation, people come up with so-called natural home remedies that can be applied on the skin, but these can just bring damage to the skin and bring negative results instead of achieving your goal. These items can be generally handpicked from your garden and even from your kitchen household, but making use of these items can just let you down.

There are several people who believe that the use of onion and vinegar as one of the popular natural herbal remedies to remove melasma is useful. Its effectiveness is even strongly advocated by some, but others warn that only negative effects can be brought about by the use of onion and vinegar. One obvious disadvantage is that the people around you may not like the fact that you smell like onion and vinegar.  Another thing about the use of these two kitchen items is the long time you have to wait before you can actually see the results. The worst part is waiting for several months before you can witness the result is that there is no actual visible result on your skin.

There are those adults that swear by the use of lemon juice but this can also just let you wait for successive months before any satisfactory result is visible. Even if it has a smell that is less displeasing than onion and vinegar, having the smell of lemon is something awkward. The use of this citrus can just damage the skin of those who have sensitive skin, and can make the skin more sensitive to the sun due to the acid content in lemons. If you are someone who has this condition, it is strongly recommended that you avoid rubbing lemon on your skin as a natural way to remove melasma.

Natural herbal remedies to remove melasma are basically ineffective and require so much effort and time from the affected person. The better way to get rid of pigmentation off your skin is to utilize medically tested and proven remedies such as melasma removal creams.  In order to have visible results in just a short period of time, natural herbal remedies to remove melasma are not recommended by skin experts.

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